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Gadgets Made In Britain

Adrian Mudd   February 20, 2014

Formula one teams know where it’s at… For almost a century the UK manufacturing industry significantly contributed to the economy with the creation of gadgets and spy gadgets. From the 1870’s the industry boomed, which was due to innovations in technology, competition and the quality of management. It wasn’t until the 1960’s that we saw a decline in the UK manufacturing and subsequent poor contributions to the economy. This decline was blamed on deep-rooted structural problems and the failure to invest in new technology.

However, over the last 50 years pockets of competitive manufacturing have emerged across the UK. This can be seen in a diverse range of industries that create a variety of different products for both the UK and international markets. We are now the sixth largest manufacturing nation in the world, which has improved by over 280% since the 1980s because of this. Spy Equipment UK, ourselves, are one of the biggest distributors of spy gadgets that have been manufactured here in the UK. These spy gadgets can be found right across our site,  in the listening devices and intelligent counter surveillance ranges, for example.

UK Manufacturing Successes


There has been a massive amount of global success stories that started in the UK. we’re leaders in the producers of chemicals, green technologies, electrical and optical equipment. ‘Astrium’ who are Europe’s leading multi-national space company, have the manufacturing and design part of their business set up in the UK. They have become the world leader for civil and military communications. Sunseeker boat manufactures, BAE Systems Aerospace, Cadbury chocolate, VT Group warship builders, are amongst many other success stories.

One of the UK’s most loved and hated TV presenters, Jeremy Clarkson often boasts of the quality of the manufacturing that the UK has produced over the years. The Top Gear show frequently celebrate all things UK and with car successes like Jaguar, Mclaren, Land Rover, Aston Martins and Ice cream vans and why not? We have created some truly Great British manufacturing masterpieces.

The ‘Made in the UK’ brand instils confidence in anyone who sees the mark and is known worldwide. Not only because the product would have passed a wide range of ISO tests and be safe to use, but the product would have a team that is based in the UK who provide support that otherwise wouldn’t be available with overseas products. Top spy camera gadgets are amongst the most popular UK manufactured products.

Spy Gadgets Made in England

It comes as no surprise then that the UK’s spy equipment industry is booming. Comparisons between UK spy gadget manufactures and others are can quickly be drawn as the quality and life expectancy for a product is clearly noticeable. Other clear differences to the user are in the style in the design, we in the UK have a particular taste in fashion so with that in mind products made in this country are more desired than the ones supplied by other countries. Here at Spy Equipment UK, our product development team constantly create, test and supply spy gadgets to the UK and overseas market. We work hard to ensure that the ‘Made in the UK’ badge we place on our products lives up to its historical name.

The UK’s competitiveness in manufacturing is all about producing high-quality goods that replace the traditional mass market industries. Our competitiveness in this industry is producing some of the best world leaders in areas such as technology, pharmaceuticals and precision engineering. We all look forward to the future of manufacturing in the UK and products that will be produced for our help and enjoyment both on a professional and personal level. Contact us if you would like to find out more about spy gadgets being manufactured in the UK and to receive some advice on the gadgets we sell here at Spy Equipment UK.