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Government Release Plans to Spy on Your Computer

Adrian Mudd   February 5, 2009

It has been released that the Home Office are backing proposals by the EU council of ministers to extend electronic surveillance on private property. It would allow other European nations to request surveillance by British police.

The technique, known as ‘€œremote searching’€ involves bugging computers in homes and offices in order to monitor website use and email traffic. We at Spy Equipment UK realise that these proposed measures will be to safeguard against terrorists, paedophiles and organised gangs and that strict criteria will be included to guard against indiscriminate snooping.

As a leading UK spy outlet, Spy Equipment UK has a comprehensive range of PC monitoring tools to enable remote monitoring and keylogging of home and office Computers. With technology becoming more accessible to the general public, the latest solutions of this kind are simple to use for even basic Computer users.

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