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GPS Tracking – A New Age Of Versatility

Adrian Mudd   November 10, 2010

GPS tracking devices have been around for many years now in various forms. The latest vehicle trackers and asset tracking devices are a far cry from the bulky devices of yesteryear and their popularity grows by the day

Initially, they were restricted to bulky hard-wired devices that could only be powered by vehicle electrics and required an external GPS antenna that was positioned to have direct line-of-sight to the sky. These early devices, albeit groundbreaking at the time were at times inaccurate, unreliable and expensive to run, with ‘clunky’ tracking platforms that often required specialist software to run.

The Development of GPS Tracking Devices

Over the last decade far more powerful GPS Trackers have been developed that do not solely rely on being powered from a vehicle electrics, but in fact use energy saving technology so that they can be run from a self-contained battery, thus providing greater versatility. It is really only 4 years ago that the first Sirf Star III GPS devices allowed trackers to be placed in positions that were not directly in line-of-sight of the sky.

Realising the importance of GPS tracking as a surveillance tool, Spy Equipment UK has always tried to keep at the forefront of tracking technology by introducing magnetic tracking devices that have year on year become more powerful and more sophisticated. With the introduction of the new iTrail GPS Logger, Spy Equipment UK again gave choice to the customer who merely wanted historical data rather than ‘live’ tracking. Now, with the launch of the new Nokia mobile phone tracking software, GPS trackers have been taken to a new level.

GPS Trackers & Software

The software is simple to install and works on all Nokia S60 Platform phones. Running in complete secret in the background on the tracked phone, the software feeds out GPS date to a comprehensive web-based tracking platform. With the ability to remotely activate and deactivate the tracking, a new level of versatility has been built in right from the start. GPS Tracking has proved to be the backbone of many covert surveillance operations and now with the range of different tracking solutions that Spy Equipment UK is able to offer, versatility of the technology has been taken to a new and higher level.