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Introducing the Smaller and Smarter GSM Bugs

Adrian Mudd   January 15, 2010

GSM Bugs have been around for a few years now. The early offerings were bulky and totally unsophisticated. Modern GSM Bugs are small and far more technically advanced than ever thought possible.

When they first hit the market they literally were adapted mainstream mobile phones, in a black box, with certain functionality disabled and certain software/hardware alterations to make them behave in the required manner. Obviously ‘back in the days’ this new type of bugging system was the answer to many prayers for those who needed the facility to listen into a given room or area from miles, hundreds of miles or even thousands of miles away. These days customers expect that much more from the technology that they are investing in and so demand for smaller and smarter units is higher than ever.

What is the Latest GSM Equipment?

In response to the demand,  Spy Equipment UK has been savvy enough to source some excellent new units that are very compact in size, with excellent sound quality and functionality. The latest in our range is the GSM Key Fob Bug. This device literally is designed like a smart metal/plastic modern looking key fob. It has GSM internals, a sensitive microphone and a sound activation control facility giving it excellent versatility. The unit is so innocuous that it can happily be attached to a bunch of keys and hung up, left on a desk or a pot for total discreet remote listening.

What’s Next?

The GSM Key Fob Bug really has to be one of the smallest and smartest GSM listening devices on the market and with a very competitive price a device of this quality is easily within reach of the majority of potential customers. The race for ever more compact GSM listening technology is not over yet, so keep an eye on our website for future developments.