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Have Covert Vehicle Trackers Come Of Age?

Adrian Mudd   May 2, 2011

In decades gone by, James Bond may have given the world the idea that vehicle trackers and GPS tracking devices were small, easy to deploy and use. However, in the real world it has taken quite some time for technology to catch up. So have car trackers now become a serious surveillance solution?

Covert Vehicle Trackers – A Key Surveillance Innovation

GPS Vehicle Trackers have been widely available now for many years. The initial commercial application for this type of technology was for managing and controlling fleets of vehicles in the logistics industries, but the popularity soon spread into other areas where companies sought to monitor their mobile company assets. Traveling sales people were a key target because their performance was invariably difficult to assess other than by basing performance on resultant sales figures.

Once hard-wired vehicle trackers were introduced managers could easily monitor and control traveling sales people who previously had taken advantage of their mobile status. Initially, GPS Tracking Devices would be secretly installed in vehicles of sales people to determine their dedication to the job at hand, but now it has become an acceptable practice to have vehicle tracking equipment installed as standard.

Covert installation of hard-wired vehicle trackers quite often proved a difficulty. Often these devices were installed during the night by specialist fitters who had been provided access to the subject vehicle or arrangements had to be made for a vehicle to undergo warranty work or a specialist service to allow time for a successful fitment. As fitters became more experienced, then plans to covertly install became more elaborate, but posed a heightened risk of discovery.

The Landscape of Car Trackers Changes

However, in 2006 the landscape changed and this was because this year saw the launch of the very first magnetic battery-powered GPS vehicle tracking units.

These early magnetic vehicle trackers were extremely expensive units of quite some size, but they brought covert vehicle tracking into a new dimension. Deployment of these units was simply a matter of attaching the said device onto the underside of a vehicle and then remotely monitor them.

There have been many developments since this time, but in a nutshell vehicle tracking devices have become more compact and more powerful allowing for long term deployments and simple-to-use monitoring platforms that can be used by almost anyone.

As surveillance equipment goes the covert vehicle tracker has to be one of the most essential pieces of technology in the surveillance operatives kit. They certainly have proved to be a crucial surveillance innovation. Visit our Vehicle Trackers View All page here or contact us if you have any queries relating to our company or products.