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Take the HealthCam Challenge

Adrian Mudd   June 16, 2013

Big Brother is now watching your health as well as everything else. You are what you eat and a cleverly placed spy camera will ensure that you will be reminded what you put in your mouth.

Healthy eating for all and weight loss for the clinically obese are subjects which feature highly on government and corporate agendas and this very subject is where a judiciously placed spy cam can help the individual be healthy. Concern for obesity levels has inspired new behaviours from those in positions of power specifically because jobs and healthcare interventions can be withheld if an individual is substantially overweight. This may or may not be a fair response but if you are the individual whose weight is an issue then you might be wondering what you can do to help yourself achieve eating behaviours which will suit you.

Record What You Eat, Literally With A Spy Camera

The answer is very simple and has nothing to do with the hundreds of fads or diet books and exercise programmes. The answer is to make friends with yourself by discovering exactly what and how much you are eating, by recording yourself with a spy camera. Our mouths sadly do not possess a built in spy camera to record the amount of food and drinks that passed through its chomping portal and our memories can be selective. But using surveillance is actually a very clever idea. There are many people whose doctor will describe their patient as anything from clinically obese to morbidly obese and beyond. Some of these people will claim they barely eat anything but struggle to convince a clinician of the fact. Some people simply have poor or selective memories. In either case the very beginning of being able to eat healthily is consumption awareness i.e. to be aware of when and what we eat. There can be no better way of recording this kind of fact than to have a camera crew following us around all day and recording every move but this is not necessarily a desirable circumstance.

Keep it Between You and Your Spying Camera

Privacy is much better employed when monitoring subjects that may affect our pride hence the unusual use of a wireless surveillance camera to help capture those happy foody moments. An effective and healthy Habit Plan can then be devised instead of embarking on a diet utilising the knowledge your private spy camera recordings has presented you with. The equipment can be wireless and the only observer would be the person who wishes to track their own behaviour. One example is Person A who spotted that the biscuits were kept right next to the drinks containers which made it easy to have a handful when making refreshments. He moved the biscuits to a different cupboard, which acted as a habit breaker.

Moving to a different area of the room to get his favourite snack gave him time to make choices ultimately helping him on his way to losing.This is also a great business idea for a health clinic in order to help its customers identify bad habits. The spying camera now has a new role in the 21st century as a HealthCam. Contact us to share your HealthCam story or get in touch if you would like assistance with our spy cameras range.