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Hidden Cameras – Who Is Watching Who?

Adrian Mudd   May 1, 2010

Wherever you may be in the modern world, there will not be a number of hidden cameras too far away and whilst this won’t be an issue for most of us, those who are looking to break the law need to watch out!

Chosen By The Surveillance Professionals

It cannot have really escaped everyone’s notice that hidden cameras now feature more and more in our everyday lives. We are all aware of their existence, but it really should come as no surprise as to who is utilising this technology in the modern world. Let us face it. We do live in a surveillance society and to most of us this will hold no fear because as we go about our everyday activities, we have no real intention of falling foul of the law.

We all see the speed, traffic light and traffic flow monitoring cameras that have been installed on almost every main road in the UK and some minor ones. We are all aware that in every city centre there are sophisticated CCTV cameras systems that monitor our movements in the street and in most high street shops there are smaller scale CCTV systems that keep an eye on and combat any potential shoplifters. However, it is more difficult to identify where spy cameras are in operation and who is using them to their advantage.

Who uses spy equipment?

We know that the Police use CCTV to gain an advantage, but their surveillance teams use hidden cameras installed into everyday objects in properties to assist in combating theft and burglary and into vehicles that have been set up as a sting. Private Investigators don’t just use hand-held cameras and skill to obtain their valuable footage, but also make the best use of body worn cameras including tie cameras, button cameras, bag cameras, and the latest self-contained camera/recording systems, to enable them to get important video evidence in difficult circumstances without arousing suspicion.

We will all have seen in the news reference made to cameras in wheelie bins, but most of us don’t realise that the Environment Agencies are keeping tabs on vulnerable places in the UK using hidden camera systems to capture acts of vandalism, contamination and also fly-tipping. Other users include Mystery Shoppers, Trading Standards Officers and we should all be aware that investigative journalists make superb use of the latest hidden¬†camera technology¬†to obtain crucial video and photographic evidence that is media-worthy. If you are up to no good, then watch out!

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