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How Do Big Brother Cameras Affect Our Society?

Adrian Mudd   May 4, 2010

George Orwell view of the world by 1984 was a total surveillance society where our every move would be watched recorded evaluated and had to be accounted for. How is today’s society affected by so many overt and covert hidden cameras?

Hidden Cameras – The Affect On Our Daily Lives

The “Big Brother”€™ concept was first brought to public attention by George Orwell an anti-authoritarian writer whose world famous book on the subject was released in 1949. The writings had a sinister edge in that it portrayed a life in 1984 where our every move was being watched by camera or being logged by computer. Whilst the vision was a little before its time, the fact remains that we live in a surveillance society and although CCTV watches our every move on the busy streets of our cities, hidden cameras are also being used more frequently to gather evidence and intelligence for a number of reasons

Hidden cameras by their very concept are non-intrusive. They are either disguised as something else or hidden by design maybe behind smoke glass or a one-way glass. The fact that the cameras cannot be seen ensures that for the large part the average person that is captured by these hidden cameras will act in a normal everyday manner, whereas if overt CCTV cameras were used instead, then those observed by the cameras may not act without thinking. Reaction to an obvious surveillance camera maybe totally innocent. Many people are very self-aware and as such they will act strangely if they know that they are on camera.

Spy Cameras and Big Brother

In the long-running TV series Big Brother,€™ every move of the contestants is observed and recorded by hidden cameras and although all contestants are fully aware that they are being watched by a huge audience, after a short while they mostly seem to forget that the cameras are there and this fact sooner or later provides fun and entertainment for the audience. Of course there will always be the odd contestant that will play up to the cameras because they know that they are there, but this act cannot be kept up all of the time because human nature dictates that the mask will slip eventually.

The CCTV cameras albeit overt are getting more discreet and could be deemed as spy cameras in their own right, but if we are conducting our lives normally and within the law then we should have no concerns. Get in touch with us at Spy Equipment UK to discuss this issue in greater detail and to learn more about our hidden camera range.