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How GPS Trackers Can Keep Your Business Secure

Adrian Mudd   August 24, 2016

In Europe, the transportation industry employs 10 million people each year – that equates to 4.5 percent of total employment, and accounts for 4.6 percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). With this in mind, it’s no surprise that fleet owners are keen to keep close track of their vehicles and employees.

Whether you run a taxi service, a car rental company, or own a fleet of long-haulage lorries, it is important to protect your business and staff, to keep operating costs low and ensure maximum productivity.

The benefits of fleet tracking

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There are many advantages to using GPS vehicle tracking to monitor your vehicles and workers when you are not around. And to survive in today’s competitive transport industry, companies must show that they are making a profit and reducing unnecessary expenditures.

Vehicle tracking is an efficient and cost-effective way of maintaining communication with your fleet, whilst enabling you to view accurate information regarding location, fuel costs, travel routes and driver security.

Below are some reasons why Spy Equipment UK believes that making an investment in GPS vehicle tracking devices could be the best decision you make today:

Monitoring driver’s working hours

If you suspect that one or more of your drivers are either using their work hours unproductively or clocking up too many hours in one sitting (which can be highly dangerous), this high-tech gadget can provide you with the information needed to take the right course of action. Ultimately, maximise driver productivity will ensure your profits rise and your operational costs decrease.

Reduce fuel consumption

Not only will using a GPS vehicle tracker to control fuel consumption during a journey help to reduce costs, but it will also allow you to reduce the effect it has on the environment. In Europe, transport accounts for a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions and is the number one cause of air pollution in cities. As climate change and global warming pose a greater threat than ever to today’s world, we must all do our part to eradicate the effects.

Enhance customer service

GPS vehicle trackers can increase customer satisfaction by ensuring the safety of their goods and valuables, as well as tracking the location of their assets. A customer will also always prefer to hire a taxi that has a tracker fitted and monitored by the company to guarantee complete safety during their journey.

Ensure vehicle safety

If you own a large fleet of vehicles, it’s often difficult to keep track of them all. In addition, if those vehicles are transporting expensive, valuable goods, companies will want to ensure that they are well protected. Should one of your vehicles to missing or be stolen, a GPS vehicle tracker can help to locate its whereabouts, whether outside or in locked away in a garage.

Speed awareness

One benefit of purchasing a tracking device for your vehicle is that you are able to detect how fast a vehicle is travelling. Speeding is a serious offence – it is not only potentially harmful to the driver, but for the vehicle and your company’s reputation as well. Drivers must keep to the speed limits in place. GPS tracking devices can monitor the speed at which the vehicle is travelling and ensure the necessary actions are taken.

A tracker to suit any requirement

Of course, the advantages of why your transport business may benefit from a GPS tracking system will vary depending on your specific requirements and the type of devices that are available on the market. At Spy UK, we have a range of highly sophisticated vehicle tracking products that include all of the features you may require. For more information, please contact us or visit the website.