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How Technology Can Help Dementia Carers

Adrian Mudd   April 15, 2015

Has your loved one been diagnosed with Dementia? Are you concerned of the growing symptoms? The diagnosis of Dementia within your family is a huge shock and will affect the balance in your day to day lives. Dementia is quickly becoming widely recognised in Britain. Statistics show that in the UK alone, Dementia affects around 800,000 people and with the recent passing of Sir Terry Pratchet, the awareness for Dementia is increasing significantly as well. We want to make you aware of how technology can help you and your loved ones during this time.

Who Should Take Responsibility?Dementia Technology

Dementia affects over 47.5 million worldwide. It usually stems from someone who has experienced a stroke or has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and affects a big percentage of elderly people. Although many of us think that forgetfulness is a part of the ageing process, this isn’t actually true and yet it still remains a stereotype of old age. Dementia also has a large effect on the patient’s family and loved ones who act as the supportive system, no matter how difficult it may be. In most cases the husbands or wives and sons and daughters will take on the role of the carer, giving themselves additional pressure and responsibility.

More and more people are turning to modern day technology solutions to help in the caring of dementia sufferers, read more about what Spy Equipment UK is available to help towards the end of this article.

What Help is Available?

There’s no denying that the NHS is under great pressure and depending on where you live can provide great support. They can offer a lot of the treatment that is required; caregivers and care assistants for home. But they can’t do it all and the NHS have neglected the struggle of the caregiver and the dementia support and help you individually need. This is definitely an understated issue, thankfully meaning that their priorities are in the right place but don’t forget that although you’re not the victim of the disease, help is still available for you.

>>UK research shows that the spend on dementia is still too low – read more.

How Can you Help Someone with Dementia? Tweet: How can you help someone with Dementia?

As the main carer during your relatives or friends disease, you are the main focus of their dependence. With the pressure of the disease on your shoulders, this can result in rising levels of stress, impatience and frustration which of course you want to keep hidden for everyone’s sake. But what if there was a way to become more at ease with these emotions? Spy technology could be the best solution for keeping your loved one safe. You can take control of their safety and others’ safety without seeing the outside world as a threat.

What to do if you Suspect a Loved One is Lost, Worried and Confused

Lost Person

Don’t Be Afraid To Invade

Spying is the only real plausible option so to ensure both safety and so to not upset the individual. It’s hard to put two and two together while living with someone who has Dementia and we understand that It’s hard to comprehend spying and invading their privacy especially as they are becoming more and more vulnerable. What you must remember is that you’re helping them and you’re helping yourself, there should be absolutely no shame in that. You can avoid your loved ones hurting themselves or even hurting others in a desperate attempt to understand their surroundings. Knowing where your loved one is and determining their location and their safety has never been more necessary. It’s also never been easier with advanced modern day technology.

>>Read more about spying laws in the UK.

Can Technology Help?

Technology can act as a big help when living with Dementia. The disease creates a lot of disorientation as places that were once familiar become unfamiliar and getting lost becomes a common occurrence. It only takes the blink of an eye to lose someone close and even longer to find them again. You can eliminate the process altogether with the latest in tracking technology. You can track their car, their phone, themselves and even use spy camera technology to keep a close watch on your loved ones while they are at home. Overall, technology gives you the opportunity to take things into your own hands, this could mean that you can avoid subjecting the person with Dementia to a full time carer or nursing home. This ultimately creates a better standard of life for both your loved one, you and your family.

Lifesaving Location Devices

People Tracking Devices

A common effect of Dementia is getting lost, even in the most familiar of places which is why people tracking devices are ideal for for this situation. Usually, spy gear such as people trackers are used for the safety of children but this can be extended to anyone who is vulnerable or at risk. Our range of GPS trackers are small enough to be carried on their person, in their pocket or in their bag. It will show you their live and past locations via a web-based device which can be fed through to your phone for example, your iPad or your laptop. So what does GPS do? It can track location, speed, time and distance. This means you can accurately navigate any person with the device with ease and instantly.

Car Tracking Devices

It’s known that sufferers of Dementia may have a difficult time coming to terms with their disease and how it’s effecting them and those around them. In this case a car tracking device is exactly what you need to help know the whereabouts of your relative. It can be hidden under the vehicle and isn’t needed to be carried on the person. In certain situations it is necessary to be more deceptive to ensure a reduced the risk of danger. The trackers, like the people trackers will use a GPS system to track location, speed, time and distance.

>>Learn how to plant a tracking device here.

Phone Tracking Devices

Most of us never leave our phone behind and in the early stages of dementia, a phone tracking device or spy phone software is therefore a useful and effective technique to determine their location when the wandering takes over and the worry kicks in. Although younger generations are known to be glued to their phones, the use of technology has grown so much that anyone at any age will be inclined to carry their phone on them, wherever they go.

Spy Cameras

Our range of hidden spy cameras can be of great use to keep on eye on your loved one at home. You may not be able to be with them every second of every day as you have your own commitments, we understand this and have the solution for you. You could easily install a number of spy cameras in your house and foresee danger, gain an understanding of how to look out for potential dangers and know if and when they have left the house. This will give you the insight you need into the world of a Dementia patient and how to help them to the best of your ability.

Speak to an Expert who can Advise

If you feel that using this type of technology could be a help in your lives then you should start to put these gadgets into action, choose which device is best for you and for your relative then start gaining the knowledge you need to determine their safety. You can browse our website for more product information to determine which is the best suited option.

We hope to have enlightened you on the possibilities of modern spy technology and how it can help maintain the disease of Dementia, making the outside world a seemingly safer environment. By no means are we experts in this matter but if the equipment we design and develop can help others then our mission is worthwhile. Our tech aims to give you the eyes and ears of your loved one to make sure they are safe at all times. It’s a route many families of sufferers with Dementia are starting to see the value in.

Spy equipment is not only better value but it’s an easier alternative to nursing homes and full time carers which means your loved one’s dignity will remain and their lives can be as independent as is necessary. So it’s time to have a little more peace of mind and know that your loved one will be safer with spy technology in their lives.

If you want some technical advice or you’re interested in how to utilise our products for you best interests please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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