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How To Be A Spy

Adrian Mudd   April 3, 2014

Do not be shy, learn how to be a spy with Spy Equipment UK – Britain’s leading provider of spy equipment. There are few instructions giving clear directions on how to be a spy. Wanting to undertake a spying career is the beginning of a life of secrecy where supreme confidence and high octane risk-taking go hand in hand with patient hours tracking our targets by intelligent use of spy equipment and / or by following in person.

What Are Spies and Spy Equipment Deployers Afraid Of?

How To Be A Spy

Spying is an activity which is as old as the hills and today’s truth is that the world still needs good spies, most commonly within political, commercial and domestic arenas. Any career or activity must start somewhere, yet in the beginning, the would-be spy is likely to be afraid of three things: firstly, they will be anxious not to sound childish in voicing their career choice. Secondly, the very art of spy-ship relies on people not realising you are a spy; therefore intelligence, quick thinking, wit and appropriate spy equipment are essential elements. Thirdly, the effective spy will ask one basic question of themselves in the quest to discover how to be a spy.

The question is: how to store information; protect it and its sources, plus securing potential client details. Fortunately, technology provides innovative answers, with the introduction of spy gadgets like the spy camera and tracking devices but there are still few responses to the initial question of how to become a spy. Many of us learn of spying through screenplay i.e. television and films. Have you noticed that the famous Bond films never revealed the character’s recruitment as a spy? This is because there are barriers to the spy industry.

Who is a Spy?

The first barrier we come across when we start to think about becoming a spy or engaging in any spy activity is the lack of opportunity to safely ask other people’s advice. The fact that we want to sneak around and observe someone without being discovered makes it difficult to approach even the best of our friends and ask them if they know how to be a spy. Yet spying is something we are programmed to do from a very young age. It is an essential part of our self-protection as we grow from babies into adulthood.

You might recognise these spy games: peek-a-boo, hide and seek, progressing to the use of spy equipment in the very simple form of a spyglass made from the tubular cardboard inner of toilet roll or kitchen towel. These are sweet and harmless versions of spying which are also reinforced in both classic and contemporary storytelling. Tales such as Peter Pan, Famous Five and Sherlock Holmes all involve the world of spying in one form or another.

The craft of spying is here to stay and discovering how to be a spy is a mystery which can be resolved only through following the clues laid down by others in the spy equipment and services industry or by the poorer cousin: trial and error. Contact our team of former private investigators if you would like to learn more about becoming a spy or developing your spy skills with the UK’s leading provider of spy equipment.