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How To Find A Hidden Spy Camera

Adrian Mudd   October 1, 2014

It is common knowledge that the average citizen is caught on camera up to 300 times a day. Whether we are walking to the local shop, driving on the motorway or at work, it is difficult to avoid surveillance in the public sphere. However, if you are concerned that there may be a spy camera watching you in your home or a private space such as a hotel room, you will need to know how to detect a hidden camera in any surroundings.

How to find a spy camera

Hidden Spy Camera Experts

Here at Spy Equipment UK, we are experts in developing hidden spy cameras and advising customers, from private investigators to members of the public, on how to use them. Of course, there are a plethora of reasons why spy cams are a valuable tool in protecting yourself, your property and loved ones. However, there are also some who may use surveillance to impinge on your privacy. Luckily, with our many years of experience, we know exactly how to detect hidden cameras in any setting to prevent this from being an issue.

So, here is our easy and effective five-step guide to finding a spy camera…

Step One: Physical search

The first thing you will want to do is simply search the area for any signs that may suggest a camera is present. Covert spy cameras will either be built into an everyday item such as a radio (our DAB Radio WiFi Spy Camera as but one example), or disguised in a hidden area of the room. This means that you will predominantly be looking for the lens. These can be incredibly tiny, so often signs of installation are easier to spot. This can include uneven wall hangings, dust which seems to have no cause, or ruffled furnishings, even personal items that are not quite in place.

Search the room subtly, but meticulously, looking for minuscule holes or lenses. If you are in a room such as a hotel that you don’t own, take a closer look at items such as smoke detectors, speakers or clock faces, as these are common objects to have hidden cameras ready-built into them. Items which seem to be somewhat redundant, such as oddly-placed mirrors, may also be a giveaway. These days, wires are not a key indicator of hidden devices, as most covert cameras are wireless, although it is worth checking wires that seem to go nowhere, just in case the area has an old model installed for some time, as is sometimes the case in commercial buildings. A great idea is to look in the back of items to see is there is a memory card slot, which would suggest the device is a surveillance gadget.

Step Two: Audio Detection

This step will not work with all spy cameras – our range of spy cams, for instance, have been developed to prevent any noise being given out. However, some lower-quality listening devices may make an incredibly minute click or buzz as they record, particularly if they are motion-detective models. Slowly enter the room quietly and listen out for any unusual noises as you walk around the room, particularly next to any items such as radio alarms, lamps, or book shelves, where are a camera may be hidden.

DAB radio with hidden spy camera

At this point you could also get out your mobile phone to try to detect an electromagnetic field. Just like when your phone makes an odd buzzing noise when it is near a computer that is, day, receiving an email, it may do the same with a non-specialised spy camera. This will alert you to the presence of a covert device, and as you move closer to the item the noise from your phone will become more noticeable, allowing you to determine where the camera is hidden.

Step Three: Search in Darkness

At Spy Equipment UK, we ensure that every single one of our covert camera devices will never show any visual sign of its presence. However, other devices may feature LED lights, so this is always a good thing to look for when trying to find a spy camera. The best way to do so is by switching off all of the lights in the room and looking for any tiny dots of red, white or green light that seem to have no source.

Also use a flashlight to observe any objects such as mirrors, for cameras that may be concealed without this direct light source. For example, mirrors can be made one half transparent without them appearing so, allowing a camera to see through them. Looking for these flaws under different conditions may show you if you are being watched.

Dedicated Hidden Spy Camera Finders


We have a dedicated range of spy camera finders, in which you’ll find the intelligent and easy to use spy camera detector. This product is ideal for those that believe they are being watched unlawfully by those going against spy laws. Watch the video above for an introduction to our spy camera finder products or contact us, if you want to speak about our complete range of products that help you detect spy cameras.