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How to Spy on Someone

Adrian Mudd   April 15, 2014

In the past, sleuthing skills generally relied on one or more persons stealthily following their target, peering around corners, opening mail or listening in on telephone calls. Today, serious spying is so much easier thanks to technology. If we (you) want to know how to spy on someone these days, we need to go no further than the professional spy equipment supplier.

Note the use of the term ‘professional’, children’s spy toys will simply not cut it when there is a genuine need to undertake spy activities. Spying requires planning and sometimes ingenuity, but a quick look around your supplier’s wares will provide a good picture of the options which are open to you. If you are looking to aid spying with up to date technology and your experience is limited when it comes to learning how to spy on someone, firstly, ask yourself these questions:

Questions to Ask About Your Spy Equipment Requirements

  • Where is your spying activity likely to take place?
  • What kind of listening device will help?
  • Do you need to track on the move or stationary?
  • Fixed or portable?
  • Wireless or hard-wired?
  • Audio record, visual only, audio and visual?
  • Record or live transmission only
  • Size? Miniature or commercial?
  • Overt or covert spy cameras?
  • Cost versus required outcome
  • Are your spy equipment items to be used more than once?
  • What quality is audio/visual output needed?
  • What are the legal obligations associated with the use of equipment?
  • Do I need to spy on technology such as computers or telephones?
  • Do I need covert and anti spy equipment for myself? (This would include bug detectors)

The above list is not exclusive, however, it will provide you with some answers to your questions and will probably trigger additional questions of your own if you need to know how to be a spy. Most importantly, remember, today’s world seems smaller as a result of advanced communication technology; when planning your spying activities, secrecy is everything – discreet packaging of everything you say and undertake is a must.

About Spy Equipment UK

‘What am I trying to learn?’ – A Question of Spying

This is your key question – its answer will inform how you go about planning your spy equipment requirements and spying events. Careful attention to defining the required outputs is likely to save you time and money in the long term.

When considering spy equipment, ascertain needs before spending any money – time invested in this activity will save precious resources in the long term and help you get value for money from your investment. Contact us if you have any questions about the issues raised in this article and if you would like to talk about any of the questions asked.