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Keeping ahead of criminals

Adrian Mudd   December 20, 2013

Science in society has been an area that has exploded over the past decade and is constantly changing who we are as humans. The way we interact and communicate with each other, our perceptions of relationships and our expectations on everyday life situations have become distorted and skewed. Like Jeremy Clarkson stated, “have we got too fast too soon?” – yes this was in the context of worldwide aircraft but could also be applied to technology in general.

Am I being watched?

Everyday life, even just 50 years ago was much simpler and stress-related illnesses hardly existed, whereby nowadays you can travel the world much faster and of course there are many more choices to make. This is one of the biggest changes we have seen in human history, but what impact does it have on our mental well-being, are we on a course of self-destruct?

Opening the door to new information

The internet has also opened us up to a world of values and norms for us to learn from and apply to our daily lives. Where we have never been able to access this information before, the human demand to want to know what is going on and need to know what is going on to survive is increasing.

How technology has changed us

Since the creation of recording devices we have witnessed an explosion of ways we are informed about stuff. Radios, internet, SMS texts, TVs are just some of the ways we are connected to the world. All of which provided us with a variety of resources at our fingertips. We are constantly being fed in-accurate and edited information about other people’s lives through news and other programmes such as soap operas. Some people use this knowledge and become menaces to society. But what can we do to counter them affecting our lives?

The history of car security

The ability to trust others is a skill and one we can no longer deal with without new technology supporting us. As new technology emerges it creates new opportunities for criminals to exploit, we then in turn have to learn how to counter them to live our lives happily. We can see this growth for example with cars… First came the car, then came doors because people took the cars, then came locks, immobilisers, alarms and now tracking devices, and even tracking devices which can be monitored on our mobile phones.

Don’t let criminals win

As new technology develops so does our need to understand what we need to do to protect ourselves from possible attacks. Spy gear, especially hidden spy cameras, to counter criminals are fast becoming an accepted norm in everyday life.