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Keeping Your Child Safe Online WITHOUT Spying

Adrian Mudd   September 27, 2013

We are all aware of how dangerous the world wide web can be for our children and as a parent you want to do all you can to protect your child from the potential dangers. The internet is a great source for educating your child but there are hidden dangers. With the introduction of social media, the web has become an untrustworthy place where you never know exactly who you are talking to. So how do you keep your child safe when they are online? Well, there are various options for parents to consider, including the obvious and obligatory online safety talk that all parents should have with their children, but there are more invasive ways to protect your child – through computer monitoring devices.

Online Parental Control Options – Computer Monitoring?

There are various parental control options from both your computer software company but also from your internet provider. You can block access to specific web pages that you do not want your child to visit and you can also prevent them from being able to download anything on to your computer. However, if you are using parental controls from your internet provider then it will not be specific to your child and will also limit your own personal searches. However, is this alone a full proof way of protecting your child? In addition to these methods, our computer monitoring devices constitute the missing piece, as they allow you deep insights into your child’s security in the cyber world.

The Variety of PC Monitoring & Surveillance

There are various PC monitoring and surveillance options available on the market from computer key stroke logger USB to the global pc spy, ideal for social media tracking and monitoring at anytime you wish. However, if you decide to use these kinds of products on your PC then the best thing to do is to tell your children that the software has been installed. By being honest with your children you will build a trust between you and more than likely prevent them from breaking the rules you have set. There are various options on the market such as the Spy Cobra Deluxe software which will record every key stroke, record all websites visited, log passwords, record any chat room conversations and even replay an almost identical view of what your child was looking at. This software should give you security that your child is using the internet safely and is not in any danger. This, as well as any of our separate computer monitoring tools, will give you a comprehensive complete picture of activity.

Take Control of Social Media

Social media seems to have taken over the way we communicate all over the world. However, with very little restrictions and monitoring, anyone can set an account up pretending to be someone they are not. One common way to allow your child to use social media and be safe is to agree that you have access to their account at any time by knowing the password. This would give you the ability to monitor who they are friends with but unfortunately they may delete things they do not want you to see. Also would you recognise an adult posing as a child?

You can purchase social media trackers which will allow you to monitor activity on most social media sites including Facebook, Twitter and many other sites. The software will allow you to see screenshots and also keystrokes took when the specified websites are accessed. This computer monitoring software can give you complete peace of mind that your child is safe. It is advised that you again make your child aware of the PC monitoring software which may prompt them to talk to you if anyone strange attempts to contact them when online.

Contact us if you wish to talk about social media safety for your child in detail, we will be happy to direct you to the right computer monitoring products to help you in your situation.