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Modern Hidden Cameras Show Off Their Versatility?

Adrian Mudd   May 1, 2010

Hidden cameras were at one time the fantasy of James Bond enthusiasts. The modern world has brought us many new things, but 007 hidden cameras have now become fact rather than fiction.

Hidden Cameras – Surveillance Gets Moving

Surveillance in the modern world takes many forms. Listening, recording, tracking and of course spy cameras, which has to be the most important evidence gathering tool available. There is a saying in Private Investigator circles – If it isn’t on film, then it didn’t happen.€™ Essentially this refers to the fact that witness testimony alone by a Private Detective in a court will rarely stand up alone. The 21st Century investigator must use all the latest technology available to obtain that crucial video evidence and engineers have certainly rose to the challenge in providing a superb array of hidden camera solutions that can be deployed in a static situation or easily operated whilst on the move.

Installation of hidden cameras was solely the preserve of specialist surveillance technology fitters and although many spy camera deployments will still require expert install, over the past two years many new self-contained hidden camera products have been created that are not only high on functionality, but also now within financial reach the majority. The progress of lithium battery technology and the ever increasing capacity of data memory storage mediums have enabled sophisticated hidden camera systems with recording facility to be incorporated into many everyday objects. Excellent examples are bedside and desktop alarm clocks, tissue box holders, smoke detectors and even desktop calculators

Portable covert camera products have also been affected positively by the march of technology. Previously hidden cameras would be built into a tie or a button, but then had to be connected to a video camera or a portable Hi8 recorder. Bag cameras were often large bags and were very expensive. In recent times cameras and recording solutions have been built into pens and watches. Other versatile camera/recording solutions are so small that they can even be hidden inside chewing gum packets. Button and tie cameras are available, but they are more compact and have sleek MP4 recorders.

In recent years hidden cameras have progressed beyond expectations. What was once pure movie fantasy has now become the reality of the modern world. Contact us to learn more about this subject.