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New Body Worn Camera System Launched

Adrian Mudd   October 8, 2009

Spy Equipment UK are always looking to add new quality products to the range and certainly over the last six to twelve months there have been a number of body worn camera recording solutions that have come onto the market that provide simple and discreet recording solutions.

Here at Spy Equipment UK, we have been evaluating emerging product lines and as a result we have now launched a high quality simple and robust covert camera device called the USB Mini Recorder.

How Can it be Hidden?

This device is made from high quality materials and manufactured to a superb standard. The unit can be clipped into a top pocket which is the ideal height to record a face to face meeting because it looks from the outside like the wearer is carrying a marker pen in the top pocket. The unit could also be clipped into the outside pocket of a bag and this means that the spy camera can face the recording subject, whilst the operator can be looking elsewhere. Of course, placement of this device is not limited to these two scenarios because the device is small enough to be concealed in many everyday objects.

What About the Technology?

Built into the clip is a decent resolution CMOS camera system and an excellent microphone. There is a concealed Micro SD Card slot taking a maximum card size of 2GB. The USB Mini Recorder captures video/audio onto the inserted SD card, which can be played back and stored onto a computer. Of course not having to rely on a rewritable internal memory means that original evidence does not have to be deleted.

All in all, the USB Mini Recorder is very simple to use and will appeal to both the professional investigator or the amateur sleuth. Whatever your requirement, the USB Mini Recorder is competitively priced and is sure not to break the bank.