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Meet the New Personal Pocket Safe

Adrian Mudd   October 8, 2009

Spy Equipment UK have made a new addition to the security solutions section. The Flash Drive Personal Pocket Safe solves an identity theft problem that until now has remained a hot issue.

At home most of us now are a bit more careful about the way we deal with our personal data because of identity theft issues. The UK public should be fully aware from media reports that identity theft is on the increase and crooks are always on the lookout for that crucial data that will turn information into cash.

Most of us have issues with remembering PIN numbers and so many people just use one for everything. Many of us have numbers and personal data stored on our mobile and how many of us are carrying around crucial data in a diary or organiser? All of these methods are insecure and open to abuse. Imagine having your apartment or room broken into whilst holidaying abroad, all of your identification documents are stolen and you credit and debit cards are also gone. How can you convince anybody who you are, let alone get a passport to get home?

What Does the Personal Pocket Safe do?

The USB Personal Pocket safe solves all of these issues. Combine the portability of a USB flash drive with the security of high level encryption and a PIN to keep your private documents and vital data secure in this electronic safe. It also consists of a removable USB device that requires a PIN for access, which holds organisational software that offers a range of options for saving important information.

How Do I Use It?

Plug it into a PC and input the code directly onto the USB unit to access your data and documents, but when you’ve finished, simply unplug it and there’s nothing is left on the computer : everything’s saved securely. The Personal Pocket Safe is virtually hack-proof, with the latest in encryption software and leaves nothing behind on the computer it’s been used on. However, if you do worry that you’ll forget your PIN you can back everything up online, and there’s also an optional PIN replacement assistance service available too.

It’s a smart way to organising and protecting your personal records that’s small and convenient enough to take with you wherever you go. You can order this counter surveillance tool through Spy Equipment UK online today.