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New Professional Bug Detector Launched

Adrian Mudd   May 22, 2009

Spy Equipment UK has just launched its most sophisticated counter surveillance bug detection sweeper yet. The unit tops off the range with a host of new features.

Commonly known as a Bug Sweeper, the SweepHawk Plus, which is one of the most comprehensive RF detection tools available, offers additional facilities to the previous benchmark countermeasures system, the SweepHawk.

The Improvements Of The SweepHawk Plus

The Plus version does not supersede the original SweepHawk, which is still available, but instead it provides additional probes that are required to detect certain eaves-dropping equipment. The frequency scan range of the SweepHawk Plus has been extended up to 8 GHz to enable detection of the much specialised transmitting devices that are not so commonly available. In addition to this, the new system offers an Infrared/Laser Probe to enable detection of listening devices that use this very uncommon system. Another feature, the Mains-Carrier Probe, which can detect a transmitter located anywhere along a mains power wiring system.

This entire system has been reworked to give improved sensitivity and pick up and is now able to disseminate between Analogue and Digital signals, thereby enabling easier identification of spurious frequencies present during a ‘bug sweep’. Contained in a purpose-built stylish case, the SweepHawk Plus provides a fully portable system that meets the latest requirements of the most professional Counter Surveillance specialist.

If you require a counter surveillance sweep service, get in touch with our team.