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New Trackers Open Door to Fresh Applications

Adrian Mudd   February 19, 2009

Spy Equipment UK are ready to unleash two new tracking devices onto the market that will revolutionise GPS Tracking. Such tracking devices have never been so popular.

Consistently, the main questions asked by our customers are

  • What is the size of the device?
  • How long will the battery last?
  • Can I connect to the device live?

One of the new tracking devices, although extremely small, has a potential battery life of up to 7 years. This very slimline unit has a variety of intelligent features that makes it perfect for long-term installation in Caravans, Trailers, Plant/Construction equipment. The second tracking unit is, we believe, the smallest live GPS Tracking Device available on the market! Although this unit has limited battery life, it is ideal for tracking of assets, briefcases, bags, packages and many other applications, where concealment of a tracking unit is of the utmost importance.

Both of the new trackers have the ability to track live and give full history reports, operating on Spy Equipment UK’s own comprehensive web-based tracking platform.