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Nothing to Hide? That Won’t Stop Hackers

Adrian Mudd   August 19, 2013

Thanks to the advancements in the digital world, it is now almost impossible to go anywhere or do anything without there being some kind of trace that you’ve been there. With CCTV everywhere, the only time you can truly enjoy complete privacy is in your own home, or is it? Complete privacy is a thing of the past, no matter who you are; you are at risk of having your privacy compromised at one point or another. With social media, identity theft, snoopers and spies, nothing is private anymore. This brings about the chance to protect yourself and tour loved ones, however, with the PC monitoring tools available on the market.

Protect Yourself with PC Monitoring

With so many cyber threats facing us today, we have to be careful who is penetrating and know when exactly they might be intruding on our daily lives. That’s why we developed a PC monitoring section, to provide customers with devices that enable complete tracking of online activity and to thwart dangers before they develop into something serious. Our wider computer monitoring range houses even more fantastic tools that help you and your family stay safe online. Here, we look at two devices that can be used to help online safety:

Windows Master Key

Global PC Spy

The True Dangers of the Internet

The world of identity theft and fraud is rising all the time and despite our best developments to prevent the thieves they find new ways to hack your privacy all the time. The internet is one of the most dangerous places for identity theft, counter it with PC mointoring. With fake websites set up for you to enter your personal information into masking themselves as banks and other such sites, it is easy for them to hack your information. When it comes to identity theft, all they really need is basic information such as your title, full name, address, date of birth and bank details. Let’s face it if you so much as throw a bank statement away without shredding it then you are at risk.

Be Aware of Your Social Media Safety

It has also now become easier than ever to spy on people, take video footage, take pictures of people without their knowledge and now complete computer monitoring including that of social media and other outlets on the web. With cameras on mobile phones now being incredibly detailed and software that hides the fact you are even using your camera, it is easy to spy on someone. Social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook are often hacked into and it is advisory that you put as little personal information about yourself as possible on these kinds of sites. Be wary of adding your date of birth, telephone number and address to any social media site as privacy is easily broken.

Be Prepared to Protect Yourself Online – PC & Computer Monitoring

The truth is if you want to keep as much of your privacy as possible then you are going to have to protect yourself from the spy’s, fraudsters and scammers. Never give information to anyone who calls you claiming anything, always tell them you will call them back and check into it first. It is common to get calls claiming to be your bank or even that you have won a prize. Protect your mail by shredding anything with personal information on and only giving your email to family and friends. The less you make yourself public to people then the more privacy you will maintain.