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Proof of Ghosts Starts With Spy Technology

Adrian Mudd   June 17, 2013

Over the years many have tried to prove the existence of ghosts and spirits. Many have claimed to have proved their presence and many have made money from TV programmes trying to do this. Can Spy Technology and in particular spy cameras Help in this quest?

On conducting a search through the electronic news of this century it is evident that the use of spy cameras has increased exponentially to the use of the private investigator. This may be cost related or more likely it is that those with an interest in using visual recording equipment wish to take control of a particular situation utilising technology. In parallel, an interest in otherworldly activity also seems to be expanding. The two subjects are becoming natural partners when it comes to satiating interest in the spirit world. In common with Victorian society of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries there is a burgeoning desire to evidence the presence of something other than ourselves or to prove that our beloved dead live on in another form or place. The use of spy cameras to attempt to capture moving images as visual evidence of other life forms is an exciting development.

Spy Technology is the Future of Discovery

Let’s talk about spy technology and the ways in which it can be used. Recording a particular scene using moving image equipment is preferable to capturing a still photograph as there is always a delay between the signal or decision to take a frame and the actual point of capture. This is despite the use of high shutter speeds and automatic firing. A significant number of reality style television programmes and documentaries address the subject of spirit hunting but none has ever proven the existence of what we refer to as ghosts or aliens and certainly no alien abduction has ever been captured either by still photography or covert technology.

Spy Cameras Discoveries will be Worldwide

The subject of the ghost is built into the psyche of many from birth and has been so for millennia. Many religions refer specifically to ghosts and particularly to deities who have either risen from the dead or who supersede death and live forever. These include the Ancient Egyptians and other ancient cultures plus the Romans and Greeks and of course there are many churches and chapels around the world that preach the existence of the undead in one form or another.

It is interesting that spy cameras have captured evidence of Something during some ghost walks yet because an apparent ghostly presence is not actually quantifiable and can be written off as such, it is clear that we need a few more spying cameras around when carrying out ghost hunts in order to exclude the possibility of interference i.e. someone faking a spiritual entity through trickery. What is absolutely sure is that both overt and covert spy cameras are here to stay. Contact us to discuss this topic or to talk to our team about purchasing our spy technology. Perhaps an audio recording device will suffice in the hunt.