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Secure Communications and Surveillance Equipment

Adrian Mudd   November 9, 2010

Here at Spy Equipment UK we not only specialise in spy and surveillance equipment, but also feature some very sophisticated anti-surveillance technology for when it is essential to keep matter confidential.

We have always had an array of bug detection and anti-telephone tapping equipment available to maintain the integrity of home and office, but with communications using mobile phones, we had not previously been able to offer a specialist solution. This has now changed and rather than just place the new products in another category we felt that the new technology warranted its own. In our Counter Surveillance Secure Communications section you will now find two types of mobile phone solution and a high grade system that will keep important meeting in the office confidential from eavesdropping devices.

Surveillance Equipment for any Scenario

One of our secure mobile phone solutions means that you would have to use our specially programmed Samsung mobile phone, which has been given superb software that will not only evade GSM Interceptors but will also allow the user to see whether someone is trying to remotely tap into communications made from the phone. The other solution is secure SMS encryption software phones where we supply specialist 256 Bit encrypted software to install into a new or existing range of compatible phones. With two or more Nokia’s installed with the same type of encryption software secure communications can take place between users.

Monitoring Equipment

Our Desktop Audio Blocker is essential to ensure that nobody can listen into or record important meetings. When switched on, the Audio Blocker will emit a sub-audible sound that will defeat the majority of listening and recording devices thus ensuring that unscrupulous eavesdroppers cannot get access to important verbal communications made at the confidential meeting. Most big businesses should invest in one of these machines as a matter of course to ensure that competitors do not have easy access to their secrets.

So, if you want to ensure that your communications are kept safe, then there is sure to be something in our Secure Communications section that would suit your needs. Contact us today if you would like to learn more about our surveillance equipment or purchase online today.