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Social Network for Spies

Adrian Mudd   June 18, 2008

The Facebook phenomenon is hard to miss, even if you’re a spy. Now spies have a social networking site of their own with the launch of new website bringing spies together to share the latest spy technology and counter surveillance news.

Social Network for Spies

Huawei Smart Phone

Spies are known for their secrecy, so, they may have been casting jealous glances in the direction of social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook and the freedom with which its members disseminate information about themselves. Until now, spies may have had to arrange covert meetings in a spy shop to share spy technology tips but the launch of new social networking site aimed specifically at spies and boasting heightened security measures to ensure no vital spy secrets are compromised.

Moving with the Times

Whilst it is more exciting to think of the spy world in terms of James Bond’s outlandish spy gadgets like X-Ray specs and exploding pens, the reality is different and the internet is a vital tool in the sharing of spy technology expertise and advice. The is obviously still room for spy technology such as listening devices, spy cameras and bug detectors in today’s hectic society, it would be remiss to neglect the importance of the internet as an informational tool; hence the launch of the new social networking site for spies called ‘A-Space’.

There is an exceptional array of different technologies for spies to use in the 21st for their social media strategy. From Samsung Galaxy Spy Phones to the latest audio recording software, spies are have the best products around to do their job efficiently and effectively.

Knowing Spy Cameras from Bug Detectors

Spy Pen Recorder

Any wannabe spy hoping to make friends on the networking site may want to head to their local spy shop in London and stock up on spy equipment so as not to appear out of their depth when it comes to their spying knowledge. The social networking site for spies is hoping to create a genuinely productive discussion and dissemination of knowledge about spy equipment and not just be a hang out for James Bond fan-boys and Donald C Daniel, head of security studies at Georgetown University states, ‘A site that’s open to all 16 intelligence agencies, that allows them to chat more freely, I think is a darn good idea and may help them get around some security and spy equipment issues.

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