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Sometimes Burying Spy Cameras Into Walls Is The Only Answer

Adrian Mudd   May 3, 2010

The Internet provides us with a wealth of information to conduct tasks that previously would have been only undertaken by experts. Here we discuss the pros and cons of sourcing a DIY spy camera solution as opposed to calling in the experts.

Spy Cameras – DIY or Expert Fitter?

As a society we are encouraged more to take control of things ourselves. The Internet has proved to be a valuable tool in assisting anybody who has the correct approach in researching and solving their own problems without the expense of involving a professional. This sharing of information on the Web empowers us all to take a DIY approach to resolving our own everyday issues. You can buy almost anything on the Internet including spy and surveillance solutions. Hidden cameras can be purchased in many forms. Some come disguised into everyday objects providing complete video surveillance and recording solutions in many situations and whilst this DIY approach will work for many, other circumstances may require engaging the services of a specialist hidden camera installer

There is no specific course that can be taken at college to learn the skills needed to expertly fit spy cameras into the fabric of a room or a building. Knowledge of CCTV camera installation, carpentry, metalworking, decorating and modelling skills are all often required when conducting this type of installation. Modern hidden cameras can literally be buried into walls hidden behind wallpaper, with connecting wiring being hidden under floorboards or in wall cavities. Fittings often need to be completed within a specific time frame and often at night particularly when in commercial premises where the install needs to take place when the workforce are not present.

How Costly is the use of Multiple Hidden Cameras?

Many would argue that in some instances this specialist type of work carries a heavy cost, sometimes into the thousands of pounds. However, sometimes there is no substitute for incorporating spy cameras into the very fabric of a room, particularly where circumstances dictate that merely adding a self-contained hidden camera solution to an environment would in itself arouse suspicion. So, in essence, the rule of thumb needs to be. If you can get away with adding a pre-manufactured hidden camera solution into the situation without arousing suspicion, then this will be the more cost effective option, but otherwise it really is the time to call in the covert camera fitting experts.

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