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Our New Spy Camera Range is Here

Adrian Mudd   July 24, 2008

Here at Spy Equipment UK we continue to keep up with the ever-changing spy camera solutions that are available for a market which is finally getting to grips with how powerful the latest solutions are.

High Definition Spy Cameras

The advent of high definition covert cameras, covert 3G technology and now covert IP technology has meant that the market has been anything, but stagnant. Add on to this the fact that recording has seen a move over to high speed and high capacity SD cards and that battery technology continues to improve, it’s not hard to see why spy cameras continue to expand.

What the new technology has brought is an incredible range of of self-contained solutions that are exceptionally smart, whilst being easy to use and remote accessibility and control by the use of 3G and IP technologies. Spy Equipment UK’s latest IP Camera solution provides remote viewing and control via WiFi and even remote viewing from a Nokia phone or an iPhone. The fact that the IP set up will record to a local PC gives a massive recording capacity and incredible flexibility.

Yes, the IP technology comes at a price, but you can be sure that in 12 months time the prices will begin to drop. Watch this space! Spy cameras are finally what we always wanted them to be.