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Spy Camera Technology For Police

Adrian Mudd   April 11, 2009

Since the 1970’s UK Police Services had increasingly relied upon new camera technology in their fight against crime. Our cities are now so wired up that spy cameras are almost their first port of call.

Initially still cameras were used by surveillance squads engaged in watching high level criminals, but throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s still cameras were utilised more frequently in the in the fight against crime and speed cameras were introduced to enforce motoring laws. By this stage video camera technology was introduced into evidence gathering and was of particular use monitoring potential public disorder situations including major sporting events.

Camera Technology In The 2010’s

During the last 10 years camera technology has been propelled forward by the digital age. CCTV has been intoduced on every high street and spy cameras have been enlisted in the fight against crime. Hidden cameras can now be incorporated into many everyday devices and the advent of 3G has seen the introduction of 3G Spy cameras that can be remotely viewed across the GSM network from the other side of the planet if necessary. Police have just put into action a number of Smart cars with in-built telescopic spy cameras to trap motorists using mobile phones on-the-move and eating at the wheel whilst driving erratically.

Spy Equipment UK’s spy camera range just keeps increasing. Intelligent wireless camera technology, innovative stand-alone units and outdoor cameras have all been added to the range over the last year. 3G covert cameras that 12 months ago were limited in use and very expensive have recently been updated to make them more sophisticated, whilst at the same time, making them more affordable. So, why not check out our entire updated range where we will surely have a camera solution to suit your needs.