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Spy Cameras Fighting Crime

Adrian Mudd   June 9, 2008

Protecting your business or your home from criminals is a priority for many of us – more people are turning to spy tech solutions and in particular spy cameras to fight crime.

Spy cameras are used all over the nation to catch or deter criminals. Fly tipping is one of the biggest problems in the country and signs have been put up across the land advertising that hidden cameras are in operation to try and deter the crime. But hidden cameras are also used in country lay-bys in an attempt to catch fly tippers in the act.

Catching Fly Tippers

In Oxfordshire, the County Council used spy cameras on industrial estates, rural lanes and public areas at risk from fly tipping to try and save the taxpayer hundreds of thousands of pounds. It costs a fantastic amount to clean up after fly tipping, and this technology can be crucial when it comes to catching and prosecuting the criminals.

As well as fly tipping, some county councils and community partnerships are employing spy cameras to help tackle anti-social behaviour.

Can help fight crime including:

  • Fly Tipping
  • Anti-social behaviour such as littering, abandoning vehicles and graffiti


As well as helping to catch, deter and prosecute fly tippers, homes in York had spy cams installed by police to try and cut crime in the historic town. Spy cameras can be highly effective in areas hit by high levels of burglaries, as they can provide the police with covert but high quality images of the criminals. It’s clear that it’s impossible to provide constant police surveillance using officers on the beat alone, but these can offer the chance for round the clock surveillance.

Helping communities

Spy cameras are being used as part of crime busting initiatives in various parts of the UK. They are an integral part in the campaign to reduce crime ranging from drunken, dangerous behaviour to burglary. If the burglars are concerned that they are in an area that has a spy camera in operation, the cameras can be a successful deterrent.

Safe Homes

Similar schemes that use spy equipment to catch burglars in the act have been successful in areas such as Coventry and the West Midlands. Many home owners who fear burglars or who have been victims of burglary also invest in this tech as deterrents. Spy cameras can be effectively hidden and undetectable to the criminals, and can be placed in everyday objects – some are so small they are nearly invisible to the naked eye.

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