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Spy Camera Statistics UK

Adrian Mudd   July 17, 2014

There are times when we have to review the importance of innovations in new technology. These new creations are made to protect us from a variety of new and old threats. Learn the facts and give yourself, your family, your possessions and business more protection without the worry or threat. Here we present UK spy camera statistics.

Spy Cameras UK

Spy Camera Information

Question: How many spy cameras are estimated to be active in the UK in 2014?

Answer: It is estimated that there are currently over 6.1 million video surveillance spy cameras in the UK

Question: How much staff theft is there in the UK?

Answer: Current statistic show that there is 47% of overall retail loss is caused by staff theft!

Question: Do more men use a spy camera than women?

Answer: 8 out of every 10 spy cameras purchased are by men. However statistics show that this is set to drop as more women are accepting spy cameras are an effective and non-intrusive form of counter crime tactics.

Question: Is camera surveillance and spy camera use set to grow?

Answer: Video surveillance is set to grow by 13.7% over the next 2 years, with hidden cameras becoming increasingly available to the public.

Question: How often am I seen on camera every day?

Answer: On average it is thought you are seen on camera over 300 times a day, however this is dependent on where you live and of course if you’re in populated areas.

Question: How many marriages are affected by cheating partners?

Answer: Between 25-50% of marriages are actually affected by one or both partners cheating or suspected of doing so.

Question: How many people use spy equipment to catch a cheating spouse?

Answer: There has been a dramatic rise in popularity of using spy equipment to collect evidence of a partner has been cheating.

Question: Is society accepting the use of spy cameras and surveillance equipment more?

Answer: Due to TV shows like Crime watch UK and online Video resources like YouTube are becoming very much part of our everyday life. The use of spy cameras that counter crime are fast becoming the best solution to collect the evidence needed to prosecute suspects in court. You can find videos made by Spy Equipment UK on the official Spy Equipment UK YouTube channel – check it out here.

Question: Are burglaries actually reducing in the UK

Answer: Recent statistics from The Guardian show that there has been a 4% decline in UK home burglaries in 2013 however shoplifting is on the rise. Both of these are set to drop over the coming years as the use of video surveillance increases and courts punish repeat offenders more harshly.

Question: Do UK courts accept video evidence?

Answer: Over the past few years video evidence has become more accepted as a means of evidence. However there are accepted relevant and unaccepted types read more:

Question: How many different types of spy camera are there?

Answer: There is no ‘one size fits all’ spy camera as there are a multitude of environmental factors that must be considered. WiFi spy cameras are a type that can be consider, for example. It is estimated that there are over 200 different types of spy camera available to buy legally in the UK today. They vastly range in quality, price and purpose. If you want to determine which one would suit your need whether it is for use in the home, out and about or at work then ask a professional private detective anonymously or call them on 0247 601 0588.

Question: How many homes in the UK have video surveillance?

Answer: A recent poll undertaken showed that 15.1% of people used some sort of video surveillance at home

Question: Discount codes for spy equipment?

Answer: We are offering a 5% discount on all spy equipment products, excluding shipping. To apply this discount simply pop the code: spy008 into the form on the left of the screen during checkout!

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