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Spy Car Gadgets

Adrian Mudd   April 7, 2014

The spy car is a concept not to be sniffed at, for, as far-fetched as the idea may seem, any vehicle has the capacity to operate or conceal spy equipment and can, therefore, be classified as a spy car. In its simplest form, the term spy car can simply be a reference to a vehicle being used to carry out covert operations.

Our expectations of spy vehicles have changed recently and this is thanks to advancing technology and availability of information via public communication systems such as television and the worldwide web. A simple example is the notion of using toys to gather intelligence; the idea has featured in a variety of popular films including Toys and the Home Alone series, thus teaching spy concepts to the young. Check out the top 10 spy films of all time. Those particular spy films demonstrated the importance of concealing equipment in order to avoid detection and facilitate evidence gathering. Concealment is an art and concealing a whole person is a challenge, which is why covert equipment like the spy camera is an essential tool in the spy industry.

Can You Spot a Spy Car or Spy Vehicle?

When selecting covert equipment, we need to understand the basic rules of concealment: which is to be completely invisible or to appear a normal part of the environment. For example, a Rolls-Royce loaded with all the latest spy technology will be of no use if it is parked in the car park of the local discount store where the target car is parked. Similarly, a battered three-wheeler (think of the fictional character Del-boy Trotter) following a target would stand out like the proverbial sore thumb because they are a rarity on the road. In short, the appearance of a spy car is all about context, inside and out. Fortunately for other road users, the real spy car is unlikely to be loaded with a rocket launcher or be able to fly or become a submersible. The weight of the car would require excessive energy consumption to power it, so until a new high energy source arrives, the amateur or professional spy must stick with what is readily available. The actual car itself will depend on the operational requirements and the expected environment and of course what you have available.

Spy Gadgets for Cars

The outer appearance of a vehicle whether the casing is a rudimentary two-seater or a top of the range bullet-proof and all-terrain model will depend on an owner’s needs and resources but it is what can be hidden inside a vehicle which counts. Plug-ins for downloads and even charging points for electronic items are fitted in most new cars and these can be utilised for charging up your equipment or operating your portable tracking device and other spy equipment. There are many gadgets you could add to your car to increase its covert nature, we would suggest adding a number of hidden cameras, however by browsing our online shop will get your creative covert juices flowing. On the other hand, you may feel paranoid that your car has been bugged i.e. you’ve had a covert tracking device, hidden listening recorder or secret camera installed without you knowing and you’re every move and word is being tracked. If this is the case you would need a bug detector to hunt out these devices.

From Tracking Devices to Bug Detectors – Everything you Need

The fact is real spy cars are here and here to stay. Unfortunately, we don’t stock spy cars yet. But if you would be interested in how to fit one out with new spy tech, don’t hesitate to contact us – we’ll be happy to help. Whether you are looking for spy gadgets to go inside your car, making it your very own spy car of sorts, or intelligent tracking devices to monitor a vehicle’s movements, we have you covered at Spy Equipment UK. Get in touch today to turn your vehicle into a leading spy car out there or to purchase a device that improves security.