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The Spy Equipment Business is Booming

Adrian Mudd   June 9, 2008

When Gerry Adams had his car bugged in 1999 the tracking device revealed a growing market for spy equipment.

The discovery of a bugging device in Gerry Adams car eight years ago was said to jeopardise the Northern Ireland peace process. But whether it’s the Northern Ireland troubles or checking what your wife is up to, spy equipment and spy shops are an increasingly big business. The proliferation of cheap high-tech spy equipment and advances in technology all mean the surveillance and counter surveillance industry has the right gadget for you.

Big boy’s toy shop

The range of spy equipment on sale today is like a toy shop for wannabe James Bonds. And now you can buy spy equipment online discreetly and at cheaper than ever prices.

The latest

Spy equipment on the market today includes:

  • A mini bug that measures just 109mm x 54mm x 21mm which lets you listen to conversations anywhere in the world.
  • A digital voice recorder built into a stylish stainless steel effect pen that Bond would be proud of.
  • A computer keystroke logger – this USB device lets you record all activity on a computer including chatrooms, e-mails and passwords.
  • A GPS tracker is the ultimate spy equipment; magnetically mounted it allows you to track any vehicle.

Covert spy equipment

Spy equipment includes tiny cameras, tracking devices and computer logging so you can keep tabs on all private activity. If you’re worried about spy equipment being used on you, sweepers can spot bugs and scanning devices. Modern technology means that the most sophisticated covert communication devices and spy equipment is now available.

Who is spying on whom?

Most spy shops or companies that sell spy gadgets are discreet about their clients, but it’s thought that general uses for spy equipment include spying on partners and spouses they suspect of having an affair, keeping track on employees and corporate espionage. There is however huge question marks over the infringement of human rights. One employee recently tried to subjugate his staff to DNA testing to find out who stuck a piece of gum on his seat – something that human rights organisations said would have been ridiculous and unethical.

Internet shopping

The popularity of spy shops and buying spy equipment has been put down to the availability of spy equipment online where people can buy what they want without feeling they have to explain the reasons behind their purchases. Contact us if you would like to discuss any aspect of the topic of the booming spy industry with us.