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Buying is Cheaper Than Renting

Adrian Mudd   January 30, 2009

One of the major dilemmas for people who are looking in to Spy Equipment is should they rent or should they buy? With the current economic downturn more and more people are thinking it wiser to simply rent equipment from Private Investigation companies for a while than pay out a larger one off payment.

Why Purchase from the Start?

The truth of the matter is that most people, companies included, are usually better off financially if they simply purchase the equipment from the start. The main equipment for rent are PC monitoring tools, covert vehicle tracking units and SIM card interrogation tools. The PC Monitoring tools are the most common rented equipment, usually in the form of Key Loggers (both USB and PS/2) for recording the key strokes made on a computer keyboard.

These types of unit can range anywhere from 10 GBP a week up to 40 GBP per week, we have even had a customer report being charged £300 per month for a PS/2 key logger, a device similar to our Computer Keystroke Logger USB. As you can see, in this case, it makes more financial sense to purchase the unit at a slightly higher one off cost than risk spending hundreds. The same can be said for the rental of covert vehicle tracking equipment in that the purchasing cost is higher than the daily rental cost but normally lower than the over all rental cost. The average daily price found is around £75 per day, however many people do not realise that investigations companied will also charge a deployment and retrieval fee along with a fee for any monitoring of the trackers locations.

As you can see, rental is not always the best option as periods of surveillance lasting longer than a few days can, more often than not, cost more than simply purchasing the equipment.