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Spy Equipment: For Our Times

Adrian Mudd   April 2, 2008

We want to protect ourselves more than ever before, which is why spy equipment is one of the UK’s fastest-growing markets.

We live in cynical times, suspecting all and sundry of watching us, or trying to cheat us. Our shops assume that we may be there to steal and have spy cameras watching us all the time. Our governments want us to carry ID cards that include biometric data. Even the places where we buy our food keep a record of what we buy and how much we spend. It’s only natural, then, that we should choose to make use of a wide variety of spy equipment. UK individuals are increasingly choosing to use these gadgets to protect themselves, their homes and their businesses.

Spy Equipment Use Is Increasing

handheld spy equipment device

Today’s spy equipment is very sophisticated. Tiny listening devices can be implanted into everyday objects such as pens, clocks and wristwatches, allowing people to listen to and record your conversations without your knowledge. Hidden cameras built into bags or even lapel badges can record your movements as well as your words. Used by undercover reporters to great effect, they produce clear pictures and sound, leaving the viewer in no doubt as to what’s happening.

Common Uses for Spy Equipment

We may choose to use these and other pieces of spy equipment in many ways, all of which reflect the times we live in:

  • Home protection We are all worried about people breaking into our homes. For some, a security alarm isn’t enough. A strategically-placed spy camera may dissuade potential burglars, and if it doesn’t it can record images that may help the police to apprehend and prosecute after the event.
  • Business protection If you’re worried about the behaviour of someone or a group of people within your business, you may consider using this technology to monitor them. This will allow you to gather evidence which you can confront them with at a later date.
  • Marital problems Do you suspect your partner of cheating, or of doing something else behind your back? This sophisticated technology means UK individuals can monitor their home and other areas either with audio or video devices, or both. This may help to set your mind at rest, or give you the information you need to take further action.
  • Industrial espionage┬áIf you are conducting sensitive negotiations and you want to make sure that no-one is listening to you or observing you during meetings, invest in a one of our bug detection economy range which will help you to sweep your offices for hidden devices.

Spy Products For Now

If you are looking for spy equipment for whatever reason, we have an online shop featuring the latest technology. Our devices include the likes of audio recorders, phone surveillance tools, listening devices, video surveillance, computer monitoring tools, tracking devices and counter surveillance equipment. Contact us today by calling 024 76 010588 or by sending an email to, if you would like to talk through our range of spy equipment for our times.