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Spy Equipment Releases First UK Catalogue

Adrian Mudd   June 24, 2009

Spy Equipment UK is proud to announce the addition of a downloadable catalogue for those customers who wish to have a paper-based brochure of all of the products that we offer.

The addition of the catalogue was as a result of repeated requests from past and present customers. Some customers are unable to access the Internet very often and as a result it is often difficult for them to spend enough time to peruse our entire product range. Now this is made easy with the addition of the catalogue.

What Is Featured In The Catalogue?

The forty four page PDF document gives pictures, brief descriptions, prices and product codes in a simple format. All or part sections of the catalogue can be printed to suit an individuals needs. For more detailed information on a product a re-visit to the Spy Equipment site will reveal further detail. On some products a data sheet has been added, again in a PDF downloadable and printable format. Only a small amount of products have data sheets at present, but this is being increased on a regular basis.

The Spy Equipment UK Catalogue is easy to find. Simply click on the link located on the lower left of each page to obtain your copy.