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Spy Equipment UK Launch Spy Cobra

Adrian Mudd   February 9, 2009

Spy Equipment UK have just announced the release of their latest Computer Surveillance product. The Key Stealth is the ideal solution for laptop computers.

The ‘next generation’ in Keyloggers out of our computer and PC monitoring range, the Key Stealth,¬† is used in a completely different way to the traditional keyloggers that have been around for a number of years now.

How The Key Stealth Improves On Traditional Keyloggers

The original units are inserted between the keyboard wire and the base unit of a PC and the traditional Keystroke Loggers would record every key that was typed on the keyboard on which it was installed. The information would be retained on the internal ‘flash drive’ memory. These units have restrictions – They cannot be used on wireless keyboards, they cannot be used on Laptop Computers, they are not configured for Windows Vista and the Keylogger had to be left in-line and therefore was open to discovery.

The Key Stealth unit works in a different way, it’s essentially a USB stick with a flash memory and integrated software program. The software takes less than a minute to install and configure yet the unit doesn’t have to be left in the PC. Also, keystrokes and screenshots are stored in a stealth file on the PC being monitored. When returning to the PC being monitored, the Key Stealth is inserted again and the information from the stealth file is then transferred from the PC onto the Key Stealth and the information can be reviewed at leisure on a separate PC. In short, the new Key Stealth takes Keylogging to the next stage, without any of the pitfalls of traditional keyloggers.

This unit is the perfect, affordable, tool for parents to keep an eye on their children’s’ internet activity and for employers to monitor employees who are misusing company computers.