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Spy Equipment UK Signs New Tracker Deal

Adrian Mudd   April 3, 2009

Spy Equipment UK are proud to announce the signing of a new contract for the distribution of a range of cutting-edge tracking devices that are considered to be market leaders.

Although previously Spy Equipment UK offered some GPS devices as part of the range of surveillance products, now as official distributor for a major GPS tracking supplier, Spy Equipment UK is now able to offer a more complete array of superb solutions. With a bigger range of GPS trackers including asset and covert vehicle tracking devices than ever before.

What Does the New Deal Include?

There is now a GPS tracking device for almost every application. Whether you want to protect expensive assets from plant equipment, track caravans, trailers or maybe even cars and motorcycles, there is now a device to cater for almost all needs.Whatever your need. Todays technology has meant that looking after your precious assets has never been easier. With reductions in size, increase in battery life and the incorporation of intelligent microprocessor-driven technology, the latest devices perform in such a way that a few years ago would have seemed impossible.

Our supplier has already established a reputation for supplying class-leading security and surveillance products to Police Services and large corporate organisations throughout the UK and Ireland. Now the link-up with Spy Equipment UK will bring these products to a wider audience and with the benefit of closer customer back-up and support, there has never been a better time to buy the latest tracking technology.