Spy Gadgets get a Literary Twist in New Bond Film

Adrian Mudd   June 18, 2008

Sebastian Faulks is shaking and stirring up the interest in the spy shop with their gadgets and paraphernalia as he puts James Bond under a more literary spotlight.

Bond get stirred up by literary set

Spy shops have always attracted interest the allure of the world of espionage and its associated glamour make it hard to resist. Its sexy image alongside the advances in technology means more people than ever are dipping into a spy shop to see what Bond-like gadgets are for sale.

Shaken not Stirred

And 2008 has been dubbed 007’s year as the second Bond movie starring Daniel Craig is released as well as the first official literary outing for Bond since Octopussy written by none other than literary giant Sebastian Faulks. Faulks was asked to write a new Bond story to commemorate and celebrate the centenary of Bond creator Ian Flemings birth. The novel, Devil May Care, is a homage that features the usual Cold War villains featuring the suave 00 agent and it’s bound to awaken the fascination with all things spy related, including spy gadgets and equipment available to buy from a spy shop online .

Global Security Fears Prompt Interest

The fascination with spy equipment and the re-birth of Bond coincides with a general feeling of insecurity about world security. Terrorism has changed the world, as has the huge advances in IT and technology. Nobody feels safe and everyone feels monitored, watched or spied on. It’s no wonder that the world still craves the heroic actions of Bond. And more people are taking security into their own hands by taking advantage of the myriad of spy gadgets and equipment available to buy directly from a spy shop – from spy cameras and hidden recording devices, to Car Tracker Devices and Asset Trackers to security measures to safeguard sensitive information.

Fiction Meets Fact

Although Bond does play into our deep-seated desires and fears – every boy wants to be him and every girl wants to love him – the spy equipment and gadgets Bond relies on to help save the world can be found in the real world. It’s possible to see a gadget on the big screen and find it for sale in a spy shop. More people are realising how such spy equipment can be invaluable in the private and professional lives – from safeguarding or monitoring their teenage children to checking on the fidelity of a spouse.

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