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Spy Gear Sales Boom in US

Adrian Mudd   June 26, 2008

Spy gear sales are booming in parts of America as a camera craze hits Florida. According to a report in Florida’s First Coast News, shops are being inundated with orders for CCTV equipment and surveillance equipment as a ‘camera craze’ sweeps the State. Shopping for tech is now a growing trend, as just about every day a CCTV or hidden surveillance camera picks up a new crime. The news across America often features the latest piece of film capturing a shocking crime or attack as a result of this proliferation of surveillance cameras that businesses and homeowners are buying from specialist retailers.

mini bug finderSpy Gear Sales

Spy equipment is growing in popularity as more people take steps to safeguard their premises. Britain is the most watched country in the world, with thousands of CCTV cameras across the country, but America is fast catching up. In the UK, the cameras are mostly placed by councils and officials to catch unruly and criminal behaviour. In the States, many private business owners and residential customers are heading to a specialist spy shop to invest in spy cameras and surveillance devices. It’s thought now that on any given day, Americans are filmed at least 20 times as sales continue to boom.

YouTube Craze

But reports suggest people aren’t just investing in cameras for security reasons – the growth of video-sharing websites such as YouTube means more people are eager to catch shocking or bizarre moments on film using hidden surveillance cameras. People shop for various reasons, some may want surveillance equipment to keep an eye on their nanny or to spy on a partner they have suspicions about.

But others go to buy cameras simply to try and capture bizarre moments on film. It’s possible to get hidden cameras from a spy gear shop that are small enough to fit into watches for example. Sales are booming as gadgets become more affordable to the average customer as technology costs drop.

Trend for Hidden Cameras

But although some shop for equipment to check their neighbour’s dog isn’t doing his business on their carefully manicured lawn, most people tend to invest in security equipment to safeguard their premises after experiencing a burglary for example. The CCTV equipment can put off potential burglars, as well as be used to help police gather evidence.