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We Have Just Reduced Some of Our Prices

Adrian Mudd   August 19, 2009

Spy Equipment UK are proud to announce that due to popular demand, we have been able to vastly reduce the prices on our mobile phone spy software packages. Now these are all at incredibly low prices and with new features.

When Spy Phone Software was released onto the market some three and a half years ago, it was extremely expensive. To have software that could duplicate an incoming or outgoing SMS message and forward it to a pre-determined number (Spy Text) would have cost in the region of £2000.00 per file. At that stage because there literally was nothing on the market to monitor mobile phone activity in this way, customers were forced to swallow hard and pay the price.

Progress In Spy Phone Software

Spy Phone Software has evolved since that time and now Spy Equipment UK have the only real stable version at prices that everybody can afford. We are now able to offer text forwarding, spy phone function and call interception in one package (SpyDeluxe Package) at a price of only £99.00 + VAT and our new call/room recording software (SpyUltimate Package) which has all the features of SpyDeluxe + call/room recording is only £250.00 + VAT!

Coming very soon to the line-up is the same software available for Windows Mobile phones and Phone Tracking software and you can see that Spy Equipment UK have the best line up of spy phone software available on the market.