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SpySure PC Monitoring Software Launched

Adrian Mudd   February 6, 2009

Spy Sure Home Edition is the latest addition to the Spy Equipment UK PC Monitoring Range and will allow you to track all computer related activities whether online or offline.

Do you know what your children are doing online? Online safety can be a major concern for parents. In the ‘Internet Age’ young people are often very computer literate, and spend significant amounts of time using the computer. But do you know exactly what your children are doing on the computer? Perhaps doing research for their homework, maybe playing harmless computer games, or perhaps striking up a dangerous relationship with a stranger on a social networking website or a chat room.

Key Features:

– Keylogger – Records Every keystroke entered on the keyboard.

– Website Tracker – Records every website visited.

– E-mail Capture – Records every e-mail sent or received.

– Instant Messenger Capture – Records every Instant Messenger conversation on Yahoo and MSN.

– Screen Capture – Captures images from the user’s screen.

– Internet Use blocking/restricting – Controls and restricts access to the web.

– Bandwidth monitor – Monitor how much bandwidth each user has consumed.

The SpySure software is supplied on a boxed disc and at an extremely affordable price. The perfect home computer surveillance solution.