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Spy Shop Customers Include City Execs

Adrian Mudd   June 26, 2008

Spy shop customers don’t just consist of private detectives or businesses finding security solutions city execs are queuing up too. Spy shop sales are rocketing as a new phenomenon grips City executives: spy products, spying and surveillance has become big business. Bond is making a major comeback in 2008 with the release of a new Daniel Craig movie and a new book by Sebastian Faulks in honour of Bond creator Ian Fleming. But spying isn’t just having an influence in books and films, but in the boardroom too.

Boardroom Bugs – Office Spy Equipment

Boardroom executives are snapping up spy equipment and turning to dedicated spy shops according to a report by the Daily Mail newspaper. It’s thought the underhand techniques that use surveillance technology are an attempt to get one over on the competition as the credit crunch puts the pressure on. Winning a business contract has never been so crucial with the threat of redundancies in the air. And as some execs buy listening devices, their competition could be investing in counter surveillance technology to counteract the risk of being spied on.

Spy Products for Business Execs

Mains Charger WiFi Camera

It’s possible to buy bugs and devices that can sweep for bugs from a spy shop as surveillance and counter-surveillance is increasing in the corporate world. Becoming a ‘Bond in the boardroom’ could become commonplace as businesses become increasingly competitive in an attempt to get or retain the upper hand on their competition. Business can be cut throat, and some execs may think nothing of heading to a spy shop to buy the latest listening and spy equipment.

Information Gathering, Information Protection

According to some sales staff, requests are being received for cameras and listening devices to be stitched into suits, featuring shirts with tiny cameras fitted into buttons for example. Mobile phones offer another opportunity to install recording devices, and it’s possible to buy a counter-surveillance mobile too to stop competitors stealing important information. Protecting a business’s assets has never been so crucial as times are tight, and a specialist shop can supply a whole range of spy gadgets to help information gathering and information protection. Check out our lists of current and all time top 10 spy shop products.