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Our New Price Evaluation

Adrian Mudd   February 26, 2009

Here at Spy Equipment UK we are continually evaluating our pricing structure. Many customers compare sophisticated spy electronics prices to consumer electronics on the High Street, but they are not comparable.

Customers sometimes consider that some items that we stock have a relatively high price compared to other similar products on the market and our products are invariably higher in price than everyday electronic products available at high street shops. So, why is this?

Why Are Our Products Sold At Premium Prices?

There are a number of things to consider here. The product range that is offered by Spy Equipment UK has been specifically chosen only after rigorous testing and evaluation to ensure that we can offer items of quality with ease of use. This means that if you see a similar product to one on our site that is offered substantially cheaper elsewhere, then it will almost certainly be a lower quality item. You may find similar products for sale on auction sites, but it should be remembered that Spy Equipment UK offer a guarrantee, expertise and of course support over the telephone or via e-mail.

So why are Spy Shop products generally more highly-priced than other standard electronic products offered at high street stores? Well, you will not find products at the high street chains that can give the same facilities that specialised spy gadgets can. Generally available electronic goods are manufactured in the millions whereby the specialist-built spy products are manufactured in the thousands so design and tooling costs over much smaller batch runs make the end product price much higher – so in summary what you are buying are a range of high quality specialist-built products that cannot be purchased at the high street electrical retailers.