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The Cat and Mouse Surveillance Game

Adrian Mudd   May 20, 2012

There are spies amongst us who are utilising ever more sophisticated electronic spy technology and intricate surveillance tools  to gather intelligence and evidence sometimes for illegal purposes. Here we examine what a game it is to maintain your integrity against the new eavesdropping devices by using counter surveillance equipment.

Surveillance can be conducted using both electronic means and human observations. Covert observations undertaken physically by both the Public Sector (MI5, the Military and Police) and the private sector (Private Detectives, Undercover Operatives, Security Staff and Mystery Shoppers) originally relied totally on the eyes, ears and an individuals intrigue to achieve a desired result. Electronic covert surveillance has been gradually introduced over the last four decades and as such is relied upon for evidence and intelligence gathering more and more.

Get Ahead of the Game With Surveillance


As electronic spy devices have become more sophisticated and widespread, the need for Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) has increased exponentially. Checking for electronic spy devices, also commonly known as ‘Bug Sweeping’, is now big business. Bug detection equipment can be purchased quite cheaply although as a rule of thumb, the more that you pay, the more sophisticated the equipment usually is. There really is no one piece of equipment to cover all eventualities, in fact the professional TSCM operator will utilise a whole plethora of electronic scanning equipment to achieve their objective. Even then, the counter surveillance professional will back his electronic sweep up with a physical search for absolute complete peace of mind.

Remain Undetected With New Spy Products

New spy equipment is developed not merely to achieve a particular objective. If this was the case, then equipment would not have to evolve so quickly because even new spy products would be easy to detect. No, in fact when new equipment is being thought out, there is always the consideration that they should be designed to avoid detection if at all possible.

All in all the surveillance versus counter surveillance scenario is just like a game of cat and mouse. Usually the devices that are designed to spy have the edge, albeit their advantage tends to be short-lived due ongoing development and bug sweeping products. Whatever ‘side of the fence’ you sit on, as technology evolves more swiftly then the game will move at an ever increasing pace. If you think that you are being monitored and want answers then we are the company to come to, with our complete Counter Surveillance Sweep Service. Why not contact us to learn more? We will be happy to help you whatever your situation.