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The Risk of Voyeurism

Adrian Mudd   June 26, 2008

As more spying and surveillance equipment is accessible and affordable to buy, the issue of voyeurism is raising its ugly head. The sale of hidden cameras is booming thanks to the affordability and accessibility of new technology. Anyone can go into a spy shop online and buy secret spying equipment. But the accessibility of these shops to the general public is causing a new kind of voyeurism : high tech spying for unscrupulous types.

the risk of voyeurismSecret Cameras

A flurry of stories in the press highlights the fact that technology easily available to buy in a dedicated shop is aiding a new kind of voyeurism. In America, the local press profiled a private investigator who made a living tracking stray spouses or wayward teenagers. He used gadgets and said that the nature of the equipment has changed over the years. In fact the gadgets available have revolutionised the surveillance business as devices have reduced in size while increasing in effectiveness, while becoming affordable to the public.

Voyeuristic Crimes

As a result, more people are able to snoop like the professionals : anyone can be a spy. But the advances mean Peeping Toms have new and more efficient ways of spying. There have been examples of lawsuits involving employers who installed cameras in the ceiling of the women’s toilets for example. And a man in Connecticut hit the news after putting a tiny camera into a shampoo bottle to prey on his female house mates in the bath. Spy cameras and computers available to buy in a spy shop is all that’s needed to help people commit voyeuristic crimes.

Hotelier Arrested for Spying on Couple

Of course, surveillance equipment has valuable legal uses, but there’s always the risk the equipment will be misused. Another story in America highlighted a married man who saved a fortune in alimony after secretly filming his wife having an affair with another man. But using secret cameras widely available might appeal to unscrupulous voyeurs. In the UK, a hotelier faces jail after putting a secret camera in one of his hotel rooms to spy on a couple having sex. Although the hotelier said the device was to check the couple weren’t taking drugs, he was warned by the courts over voyeurism charges.

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