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The UK Spy Surveillance Market Continues to Expand

Adrian Mudd   April 2, 2008

The market for spy equipment in the UK is still growing as both demand for private and professional uses increases.

As surveillance becomes increasingly important across the globe, it’s no surprise that the market for spy equipment — UK and worldwide — is growing. Government agencies, transport operators and retail outlets are just some of the places that are utilising what you may consider to be traditional spy gear. UK businesses, along with a growing number of private individuals, are using video and audio surveillance to protect their interests and, with increasingly complex and sophisticated tech is available at reasonable prices, it’s easy to get your hands on exactly the equipment you’re looking for.

UK market makes devices readily available

Whilst there are laws governing the use of spy equipment in the UK, and the extent to which information gathered by certain equipment is admissible in both civil and criminal courts, many people are choosing to use spy equipment to ensure that they are fully aware of what is happening around them. Specialist spy shops are selling tech gadgets to a wide range of people — from private surveillance and protection companies to the individual who fears their partner is having an affair. Areas such as public transport are already using significant surveillance to keep their passengers and their stock safe — a report suggests that the world market for video surveillance on board trams and trains will be worth $100 million by 2011. Spy equipment used by UK businesses and individuals can include:

  • Hidden video surveillance
  • Audio surveillance devices
  • GPS trackers
  • CCTV and networked video cameras

If you’re looking for spy gear UK suppliers can help with a wide range of devices within each of these categories, depending on how you want to conduct your surveillance and what type of access you have to the person or area you want to know more about. The growth of online shopping means that in addition to going to a specialist spy shop, UK buyers can read reviews and choose the ideal device online and have it delivered to their door. Changes in technology, along with the general market growth means that most spy equipment is straightforward to use, so you can get on with your surveillance project as soon as the equipment arrives.

In a world where we want to protect our loved ones and our property, and where audio and video evidence can be crucial, the market for spy equipment in the UK is likely to continue to grow and new technologies will become available.