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Tracking Vehicles without Permission

Adrian Mudd   August 1, 2013

But those vehicle tracking services are done with the permission of the user. They have enabled an app on their phone or have purchased the GPS to give them directions. What about using a vehicle tracking device without permission?

Are You Authorised To Use That Vehicle Tracking Device?

What about tracking vehicles without permission? There are GPS trackers on the market that can be used to track a vehicle or other movements, but using such vehicle tracking devices needs to be done with some thought. Courts find that it is illegal for a private citizen to track a vehicle without being given permission, but often now companies will track their company vehicles and not notify the employee.

This tracking is designed to police employees so they are not taking advantage of the company by wasting time or using the vehicle for unauthorised trips. Delivery companies may also want to use this to make sure that the drivers are on the correct route for the pick up or drop off contracted by their clients. For this, any vehicle tracking device in our range is suitable.

When an employee is driving a company vehicle tracked by the company should they have knowledge of that? Some say yes because it is an invasion of privacy and others say no because it is the company’s prerogative to monitor and only if the employee is in violation of company procedures will there be an issue.

It appears that it can be a lengthy debate, but since the technology is available and often not too expensive, there may be more of this tracking done. There are also services that provide the GPS tracking for any number of vehicles for a monthly fee. As technology continues to advance, then the methods of tracking may also advance.

Tracking Devices for Citizens

In the case of one citizen tracking another for whatever reason, with the use of VIP / people trackers the law still is on the side of the individual. It is not legal to track someone’s vehicle without their permission, but as our children step into the driver’s seat; does that mean a tracker for your teen is out of bounds? As with so much of our technology, the law may need to catch up to the times, but for now tracking a vehicle without permission is not advisable.

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