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Traffic Wardens Get Spy Cams

Adrian Mudd   March 21, 2012

We have all muttered a few naughty words quietly when we have seen Traffic Wardens issuing tickets to cars on the street, but be careful if you confront a warden and go over the top. Some now have special spy cams and spy cameras to record any abuse tucked away in their badge!

Spy cams are popping up everywhere these days. There has always been an ongoing debate about the use of CCTV cameras and covert filming in public areas. London is regarded as the surveillance capital of the world, with more cameras per square mile than any other city on the planet. Discover our Portable Hidden Camera range to find a list of products that may be appropriate for use by a traffic warden.

Spy Cams Recording Drivers’ Animated Behaviour

We have all seen “Cops with Cameras” and other similar programmes on the TV where footage is a combination of that taken using a film crew and discreet / covert footage obtained using the in car systems now fitted to many modern day Police vehicles. Now there is a new ‘uniform’ with a spy camera on the street. It has recently been revealed that a number of local authorities has issued special badges to some of their Traffic Wardens that have day / night spy cams that can be manually switched on an off when the Traffic Warden (or Civil Enforcement Officer) feels that he or she maybe in danger or at risk from a confrontation.

Civil liberties and privacy campaigners have complained that this is another abuse of an individuals privacy, claiming that the spy cams could be switched on in inappropriate situations and therefore could be abused. On balance anybody could use a covert camera for filming in inappropriate situations and this doesn’t require any real specialist knowledge to achieve. Also some wardens have been assaulted very badly and lack of evidence has made it difficult to catch the offenders

The reality is that the badges carry a warning CCTV in operation and the spy camera albeit very small next to this is clearly visible, so it is not like you have not been warned. Just be careful what expletives you use when you get your parking ticket! Contact us to learn more about the suitable spy cameras and spy cams for traffic wardens and to discuss the right devices for your individual and personal scenario.