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Traffic Wardens More Bugging Than You Think

Adrian Mudd   April 30, 2008

Every motorist has been wound up by a traffic warden at one time or other but, be warned, many have been down to the spy store and are armed with bugging devices just waiting to catch your foul-mouthed tirade on tape.

According to a report in the Telegraph, many traffic wardens may be sporting a listening device in order to catch out motorists how find it impossible to hold their tongues when coming across a traffic warden issuing them with a parking ticket. Motorist may have to get themselves down to the nearest spy store to indulge in a spot of counter-surveillance by purchasing a bug detector spy gadget that will let them know when to play it cool with the traffic wardens.

Wardens Using Listening Devices

It’s always the ones you least suspect. This could certainly be the case with traffic wardens who have come over all James Bond and decided to fit themselves with covert listening devices to tackle the foul and abusive language they are subjected to on a daily basis.

In true spy school style the listening device will subtly disguised to look like the warden’s badge but it will in fact be a piece of equipment from a spy shop that is capable of summoning help and recording conversations at the touch of a button.

Spy Equipment Keeping Wardens Safe

The main purpose of the spy store style listening devices finding their way onto the lapels of traffic wardens are to heighten personal safety within the profession. Attacks against traffic wardens are increasingly common and it is hoped that this type of spy technology, as well as spy camera will help curb any aggression against traffic wardens.

A spokesman for Stoke County Council who is trialling the scheme stated to the Telegraph, “If you feel you might be getting into a hazardous situation, you press the button on the back of the badge and set the device for a period of time, say five or 10 minutes. It is widely acknowledged that parking attendants are the council officers most likely to suffer abuse in the course of their jobs.”

So, it may not be the sort of spy equipment that James Bond will be purchasing down the spy store but it may stop traffic wardens being on the receiving end of an ear bashing.