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U.S Military Turns To Moths

Adrian Mudd   April 30, 2008

Moths may not seem like the ideal choice for spies, given their affinity for flames, but the U.S military is developing cutting-edge spy technology and counter-surveillance technology not find in an everyday spy store to turn moths into the ultimate espionage tool.

When it comes to espionage; being inconspicuous is the key and this is exactly why the U.S military are hoping their moth spy hybrids will be the latest tool in the fight against terrorism. According to a report on Fox News, American military scientist hope that by manipulating the central nervous system of moths, they will be able to utilise these winged beasts to gather information on enemies and be used in the fight against terror. The spy technology used in this type of development is very high end so it may not wind up in your local store just yet but with the rate of development in the spy equipment world; it may not be too long before you are taking home a moth super sleuth of your own.

Birth of a Cyborg?

Science fiction would refer to a creature whose flesh grows around computer components as a cyborg and that’s exactly what is happening in the case of these moth based bugging devices. According to the report on Fox News, this development of spy technology is one of the most ambitious ever carried out by the U.S Department of Defence and it is hoped that it can be employed with great success into a number of espionage type scenarios.

Moths Going Under The Radar

Speaking to Fox News, Rod Brooks of the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory stated, “Moths are creatures that need little food and can fly all kinds of places. A bunch of experiments have been done over the past couple of years where simple animals, such as rats and cockroaches, have been operated on and driven by joysticks, but this is the first time where the chip has been injected in the pupa stage and ‘grown’ inside it.” This is undoubtedly cutting edge spy equipment and it is likely to have many possible uses in the worlds of espionage and counter terrorism. A spy store is unlikely to get their hands on this type of spy gadgetry in the immediate future as it has many uses that it needs to fulfil for governmental agencies before it goes more mainstream.