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Vehicle Tracker Or Private Investigator? – It’s Your Choice

Adrian Mudd   May 3, 2010

Modern technology has given a difficult choice for the consumer when it comes to choosing between the services of a PI or purely relying on technology. Both have distinct advantages, but what is the right choice to make? On average, what’s going to be more efficient, a discreet vehicle tracker or a private investigator?

Should I Buy a Vehicle Tracker Or Hire A Professional Instead?

Let’s imagine that you are faced with a scenario where you need to be able to track the movements of somebody who is never without their car. Up until a few years ago if you were looking to get a discreet professional result then you would have had to hire private investigators to follow the subject in their vehicle.

Now even for the professional investigator on today’s busy roads, this is not so easy and in reality, even with a team of followers, the subject vehicle can still be lost, normally at the most crucial moment. The other issue is the expense involved in having several investigators on the job for hours at a time. The alternative is to buy or hire a vehicle tracker.

The latest vehicle trackers are compact powerful, discreet and easy to use even for the uninitiated. They can be deployed underneath the target vehicle and limpet themselves to the vehicle with extremely strong magnets.

Now for a decent and worthwhile vehicle tracker you will have to spend a few hundred pounds, but for long term use this initial expense will pale into insignificance. After a few weeks the vehicle tracker will not really have cost you any more, but during the same period a set of investigators would have clocked up thousands of pounds.

Tracking Devices and Private Investigators Analysed

Now there is still a lot to be said for employing an investigator because although the vehicle tracker will give a pattern of movement of the subjects vehicle, which in itself maybe very revealing. The fact remains that the private eye will be able to obtain the video evidence that will be crucial yo prove the case beyond all reasonable doubt.

So when it comes to choosing between PI and a Vehicle Tracker, then I say choose both. Get the Tracking Device to do the donkey work and then when a pattern has been established, pay the private investigator to get that vital video footage.

Contact us to discuss the advantages and limitations of PI’s and car trackers in full, and devise the right solution for you with the spy equipment professionals.